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Zombie Ghost Train, "R.I.P."

Dead psichobilly para adentrarnos en el lado más oscuro del finde.

Can't shake this terror from my head tonight,
Alone and forsaken I bleed.
A twisted vision, a tired mind,
Betrayed a victim of shame.

R.I.P., you're dead to me,
You tore out my Frankenstein heart.
A twisted vision of hell in your eyes,
Vanished in the night, now a ghost in my mind.

A Lonely skeleton lobotomized by fear,
A puppet in your one man play.
Your marionette of sorrow, I'm breaking the strings,
Won't be your zombie no more.

No looking back now, my foot's to the floor,
Fleeing the scene of your crime.
A shallow grave, you call a heart,
I'll dig my way out.