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Dolorean - The Unfazed (Live on KEXP)

Take you out again tonight,
when you get off I’ll be outside…
turn the key and head downtown
find a new place honey to hide out

bad habits aren't hard to find
nice tenders in the end
poured wine
white wine
new blue jeans and leather boots
slender mist
brings burgundy blues

I got a lead on a long shot colt.
He’s got speed and he’s just been broke.
Take the money that I set aside.
Walk up to the counter honey it’s post time.
If we catch a break we know what we’ll do.
It’s our chance to take.
We got nothing to lose.

Unfazed by pain, unfazed by love
unfazed by rain that won’t let up
unfazed by debts that I’ll never pay
unfazed by blonde hair turning gray
unfazed by dreams we left behind
unfazed by jokes with no punchline
unfazed by death she’s my blushing bride
unfazed by living until I die

We’ll take a handful of quarters from the dresser drawer,
there’s a bar ’round the corner and there’s no cover charge,
they can’t kick us out until half past two,
we can dance all night if we fill up the juke…
…fill up the juke…