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Bobby Darin - Multiplication

tema novelty para animar el viernes.
secuencia de la película come september.
mañana vamos con la fantabulosa adaptación al castellano.

[isn't he terrific?]

when you see a gentleman bee
round a lady bee buzzin'
just count to ten then count again
there's sure to be an even dozen

that's the name of the game
and each generation
they play the same

now, there was two butterflies castin' their eyes
both in the same direction
you'd never guess that one little yes
could start a butterfly collection

I say one and one is five
you can call me a silly goat
but, ya take two minks add two winks
ahhh ... ya got one mink coat!

when a girl gets coy in front of a boy
after three or four dances
ah ... you can just bet she'll play hard to get
to multiply her chances

let me tell ya now ...

mother nature's a clever girl
she relies on habit
ya take two hares with no cares
pretty soon you got a room full of rabbits

parakeets in-between tweets
sometimes get too quiet
but, have no fear 'cause soon you'll hear
a parakeet's riot, just try it!

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  1. thesundaydrivers' avatar thesundaydrivers said:

    qué buenihma!