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Blue Christmas

Composed by Jay W. Johnson & Billy Hayes, “Blue Christmas” was first recorded in 1948 by Texan Doye O’Dell - “All America’s Cowboy”. Several popular renditions followed – and, in 1957, another singer/actor, this time from Tupelo, Mississippi, stamped the song indelibly as an holiday classic.

Rocking and rolling into this season of joy and reflection is Canada’s Allison Crowe whose 2015 recording here gifts us one of the freshest takes on the song since Elvis Presley - “The King”.

This a cappella track is on Crowe’s just-released “Souling (Bonus Tracks Edition)” – an album which expands upon a cherished release of last Christmas. To “Souling” Crowe’s added one more traditional carol plus characteristically distinct colourings of secular songs popularized by Elvis, Eartha Kitt, Louis & Ella, Nat King Cole and Stevie Wonder among others: