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Paddy McGinty's Goat

P’raps there is not yet a website for goat songs and lyrics – but there well could be – from Joni Mitchell’s “California” to Tom Cahill’s “Mobile Goat Song”- which featured last year on Allison Crowe’s first album of “Newfoundland Vinyl” songs – there’s plenty of music referencing the curious and clever creature to be herd… uh, heard.

“Paddy McGinty’s Goat” comes from the stable of the prolific English music hall+ songwriting team of R.P. Weston (1878 – 1936) and Bert Lee (1880 - 1946) – joined for this particular composition by Bob Adams and Bob Allen (aka “the two Bobs”). It was a worldwide hit for the Irish crooner, Val Doonican, in the swinging 1960s.

On the lovely isle of Newfoundland, it’s recorded by Jack Houlihan of Flat Rock, NL – a town with rich Irish heritage. It’s here now sung and played with characteristic kidding and joy by Corner Brook’s Allison Crowe on “Newfoundland Vinyl II”:


As the album title suggests, it's a song collection inspired by, and arising from, Allison Crowe's involvement with the hit stage show, "Newfoundland Vinyl" - presented at Canada's Gros Morne Theatre Festival, and produced by TNL.

The album celebrates this creative bond between Crowe, an internationally-loved touring and recording artist, and Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador, a professional theatre company founded on Newfoundland's west coast in 1979.

For these past three Summers TNL's engaged Crowe as Musical Director of "Newfoundland Vinyl" - a perennial favourite at the annual GMTF.

TNL AD Jeff Pitcher's conception of a revival of vinyl era, and more, songs of Newfoundland and Labrador put wind in the sails of Allison Crowe's curatorial mission.

"It's here!" says pioneering music blog Muruch, "Allison Crowe just released Newfoundland Vinyl II and it's the perfect follow-up to her traditional folk masterpiece, Newfoundland Vinyl".

Of her immersions as Musical Director with TNL, and the melodic bounty that's landed, Allison Crowe notes: "There is so much wonderful music - you could piece together multiple anthologies and still only scratch the surface of such an extensive and rich collection. Each of these songs is its own story, of land and sea, of people, and each story in-and-of-itself could be an entire show. I'm truly grateful that you are here to hear the story these songs have to offer." She gives special thanks to "the incredibly talented and versatile" casts and crews of TNL's productions for their inspiration.

Sheet music for the visual backdrop thanks to Breizh Partitions - http://www.celticscores.com