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Delay - Allison Crowe

It's a good time for origin stories -- and this comes from an universe not far away... The same sessions which delivered "Midnight", (Version 02 - the single), give us this yet-to-be-completed Allison Crowe track. Aptly named "Delay", this song is not only ten years in the releasing, its roots go even deeper into Allison's band incarnations -- before there was the Allison Crowe Band, there was Lucid, 4:20 Council and more in her birthplace of Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

The song title originally related to a "delay" effect on a fiddle part played by James Mark, and was coined by Pat Westmacott, another early band-mate. By 2002, Mark, Westmacott and guitarist Aaron Grant were elsewhere, and Allison and her trio of Dave Baird, bass, and Kevin Clevette, drums, were finding an audience amongst Pearl Jam fans in Seattle, WA and beyond -- as well as their own rock, Celtic, funk+ followers in Canada's Pacific Northwest.

Around this time, national concert touring began, as did a relationship bloom with Turtle Studios -- located near the Canada/USA Peace Arch border-crossing in White Rock, BC -- operated by Larry "Turtle" Anschell -- an engineer and producer renowned for capturing the natural sound of artists, with epochal live performances from Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Sarah McLachlan and others to his credit.

Allison, Dave and Kevin, joined by Larry Anschell on guitar, and "One-take Eddie" Johnson on percussion, perform this rhythmic rave-up. It's always been the idea to do something with this recording -- and that's more story for another day.

Here it is, now, without further delay.


IMAGE: Allison Crowe, self-portrait, June 2012 - post-Roller Derby