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Disease (Tidings Live) ~ Allison Crowe

This year will see the release of two, inter-linked, documents of Canadian musician Allison Crowe's melding of the sacred and secular in her "Tidings" concert.

Newfoundland-based film-maker Peter Buckle is helming a "Tidings" video documentary. PB Productions' crew filmed Allison in concert at the First United Church in her Atlantic ocean home of Corner Brook, NL. This grassroots concert-and-more doc promises naturalness and authenticity, hallmarks of the artist and performer at its centre, and a context, both, Canadian and universal.

Twinning this video experience, on Canada's Pacific coast, British Columbia-based audio engineer and producer Brad Graham, of Turtle Recording, (pictured here setting up Allison's piano mic), captures an entire "Tidings" show, each breath and stomp - in glorious hi-fi.

Graciously and generously supported by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council - the "Tidings" video and audio docs will be released come Winter 2012.